I have called these courses ‘Desktop Colour Management’ as they can cover the use of colour management in the Adobe CS/CC suite, QuarkXPress and Enfocus Pitstop.

On refection, I think now may be the time to offer this course to agencies, graphic design companies, internal designers within corporates and print service providers, independent from a larger project.

The use of correct colour management within these desktop softwares is a key area in maintaining colour accuracy in a graphic arts workflow. Using the wrong settings or making one wrong mouse click can alter colour in many ways that will adverse effect the finished result.

The courses are aimed at professional users of these software’s in the creative and production areas.

The training is provided at the client’s premises for up to 6 staff, hands on around a computer and screen. They can be Mac or Windows based (or both!).

The full course takes around 6 hours, over 1 day.

I have listed the areas that can be covered below, but of course this can be amended to cover any specific needs in this area:



Explanation of colour management policy, it’s benefits and how and where it is needed and applied

What is ICC colour management and how does it work?

How to calibrate and profile screens and why this is key to colour management 

Desktop colour policy and how it is applied within Adobe Photoshop and Quark Express and the profiles used

Using RGB images supplied from internal and external sources with no or differing ICC profiles to colour management policies. How this works within Adobe Photoshop and understanding the warning messages produced.

Image sizes needed for printing reproduction and the relationship between file size, resolution and image size.

Colour management in the other Adobe CS programmes and applying colour settings using the Adobe Bridge software

RAW images, Lab images, what are they?

Understanding the Lab colour space and its relation to the other colour spaces, RGB, CMYK

The difference between assigning and converting to an ICC profile

How to convert and produce good grey scale images, both black only and CMYK grey scale

The importance of Soft Proofing in Photoshop to view and assess images in the correct CMYK ICC profile

Why image sharpening is important and the best ways to implement sharpening in Adobe Photoshop

Colour management at PDF creation using Adobe InDesign CS and Adobe Acrobat

Advanced colour management for PDF’s

 Why PDF X1a is used as the standard PDF format for printing

 Creating job option files for PDFs

Using pre flight tools in Adobe Acrobat Professional v9. 10 and 11

Creating pre-flight profiles and droplets in Adobe Acrobat Professional v9, 10 and 11

Colour management and Cross Media issues

Common Colour appearance-what is it?


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