The Missing Horse Consultancy’s main aim is to maximise the possible savings and increase the efficiency of graphic arts digital workflows.

Reinforcing the consultancy’s inherent expertise through constant communication with hardware and software vendors, attending conferences, seminars and workshops and through personal contact with leading figures in the graphic arts industry, the consultancy ensures that its clients are given advice and information based on the latest developments within the industry.

With organisations taking responsibility for their own page creation, content and production it is important that their systems are compatible with their suppliers pre-press departments and print methods. Only by achieving this will potential savings and improvements be made.

By ensuring that the digital files produced have ‘data integrity’ and are completely fit-for-purpose will result in ‘print predictability’. This will save time and money! The areas that provide this include colour management, the digital image issues, the correct page workflow systems for your needs, the right file format, and ISO 12647/2  2004, and the new 2013 version, standard printing conditions.

These areas need to be integrated within a process control system at the printing stage. Again the consultancy can provide the correct process control systems for printers of all type and sizes.

As well as industrialising the pre-press and printing processes, important at a time when the business model is becoming more commoditised, good process controls assure quality and provide systematic tools for technical problem solving, so saving time and increasing production efficiencies.

We are an independent consultancy with no ties to equipment or software suppliers so will offer an unbiased solution. We will work on new “Greenfield” projects, or with hardware suppliers of your choice to provide an independent overview of the workflow and the vendors. This relationship works in a similar way to you employing an independent surveyor to oversee building work.

We look for and provide measurable returns on investments with a sound ‘value added’ rationale to validate projects carried out on behalf of our clients.

Other areas where the consultancy can offer assistance include:

  • Hardware and software advice
  • Systems integration
  • Vendor assessment
  • Print project management
  • Trouble shooting pre-press systems
  • Proofing and approval cycle management, technology & solutions
  • File transfer and digital communications
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Workflow ‘Health checks’ and audits
  • Prepress consumables advice
  • Device proofing of digital presses, including the latest inkjet devices
  • Through an association with other consultancies in the Graphics Arts area we can also offer expertise in sales and marketing, purchasing, pressroom issues and on environmental matters.